About Us


Savage Cadillac found its heartbeat within the passion of its founder/owner, Oliver Reimitz. From a young age while growing up in Florida, the home of timed car racing, Oliver, was captivated by many forms of motorsports and eventually ventured into competitive motocross. During this time he began to developed “mods” for his personal bikes and cars. Helping to fund his passions, he soon enough opened up a mobile detailing company. This seemingly guided a path to Oliver's pure love for car-bodies and exterior design. This path then set forth his drive into his very first “lighting & exterior mod” design shop. It was here, that Oliver, immersed himself in learning the art and discipline of fiberglass design. From creating prototypes, making molds, gel coating, resin work, and more. Oliver was captivated by the creation process and the beautifully rewarding results.

After many successful years, the design shop afforded and prompted Oliver to purchase a brand new car from his favorite luxury brand— Cadillac. Known as the standard of the world for well over 100 years, Cadillac is a testament to the American Spirit. During this time, Oliver fell in love with his new 3rd Generation CTS. The balanced curves, sleek body lines, and sharp composition ignited Oliver’s eye to detail. This then drove him right to the design table! With passionate effort, multiple renditions, and tireless work, Oliver began a journey to create his own front wind splitter and side splitters for his personal CTS based on Cadillac’s flagship V-Series racing car, the "savagely" aggressive CTS-V. It wasn’t much later until Oliver had what would soon become the very first set of Savage Cadillac designed front and side aftermarket fiberglass splitters for the 3rd Generation CTS! Being slightly more accentuated in all the right areas compared to the factory CTS-V wind splitters that they were based upon, the Savage Cadillac CTS Splitters would soon became a great aftermarket success. Their demand became especially high for owners of the CTS V-Sport, a car which was positioned by Cadillac to be the CTS model that bridged the performance gap between the base model CTS’s and the supercharged CTS-V. Essentially, many owners of the twin turbo CTS V-Sport sought to upgrade their car’s exterior attitude to match the car’s 420hp performance personality. In due time, it was only natural that once the word was out, CTS owners of all trim levels began to catapult the demand for Savage Cadillac’s aftermarket CTS Splitters! 

As time progressed and popularity grew, Oliver began developing many other fiberglass parts for the CTS, including other V-Series influenced body parts ranging from spoilers to vented hoods. With the strong success of Savage Cadillac's 3rd generation CTS parts, Oliver then took the initiative to create parts for more models such as the ATS and even the previous 2nd generation CTS as well. Shortly after, this prompted yet even more in-house designed parts for more Cadillac models. During these years, Oliver also formed a habit of combing the internet relentlessly for aftermarket Cadillac parts. From key fobs, wheel caps, steering wheels, license plates, and more. Oliver would purchase item after item, shipping them directly to Florida to personally vet their quality to their affordability, with the hopes of organizing Savage Cadillac as a one-stop-shop for any and all aftermarket Cadillac parts from all over the world. The idea also eliminated the many mitigated risks that can sometimes take place by Cadillac owners ordering from overseas. Thus, seamlessly giving owners in the States a trusted American source for both overseas-produced items as well as Savage Cadillac’s successfully well-established in-house designed parts. This practice over time ultimately lead to Oliver cultivating solid relationships with overseas manufacturers, which eventually introduced the ability for Oliver to help advise those companies in their parts’ design and creation processes. 

Now in 2024, Savage Cadillac, has grown into the world’s largest Cadillac-exclusive exterior and interior aftermarket store. With that, one thing has never changed, and that is Oliver’s dedication to Cadillac, his customers, and the detailed assured service that they receive. With the future steadily ushering in, Oliver is excited to personally begin new in-house Savage Cadillac designs with a focus on carbon fiber, as well as adding more carbon fiber options for older Savage Cadillac designs! 

So, anytime that you’re ready to personalize, customize and upgrade your car, Savage Cadillac is here steadfast with dedicated fervor for you and your Cadillac!